MapHook Finds Unique Way to Display Daily Deals by Groupon

Dulles, VA (April 27, 2011) - MapHook, a social networking application enables users to search for interesting places on their mobile phones as well as create relevant content. The company is proud to announce the integration of Groupon, the wildly successful "deal of the day" service, into its app. MapHook users can now find these deals by searching MapHook's mobile or website map for Groupon pins nearest to their location. Users just click on the pin to view the deal.

Displaying Groupon via pins on the map is a unique approach - MapHook is likely the first app to offer this easy-viewing method.

MapHook's aim is to aggregate successful, popular location-based content to its social networking app. Currently MapHook provides Yelp, Wikipedia and its own user-generated content; all of which the user has the ability to turn off and on for their own use.

"We think the addition of Groupon will make for a more useful and rewarding experience for MapHook users," says the company's CEO, Paul Carter. "It's a powerful but discreet way to display unique special offerings rather than plastering ads all over the app." And Groupon offers great deals that users can take advantage whether they're near home or traveling - where ever the user's location, nearby Groupon pins are easy to spot and easy to view on MapHook.

Adding Groupon is just the beginning. Carter believes that MapHook can serve as the first real umbrella app for place-based platforms: "MapHook is well-poised to integrate other platforms into MapHook to offer the most extensive, and most useful, location based app available."

MapHook is a young app that has been adding new users hourly through the help of interested podcasters, sponsored online events and a growing community of users wanting access to relevant content.

Since the app's introduction a short while ago MapHook users have been busy creating "Hooks" that have been viewed thousands and thousands of times by other users, by friends and families, and by Twitter and Facebook followers. Hooks are like geo-tagged digital memories, mini-journal entries or reviews about anything from restaurants to hiking trails to social events. Users can include pictures and have complete control over where and when they locate their MapHook pins and who they allow to view.

About MapHook

MapHook, Inc. is a software applications development firm based in Dulles, Virginia. The company's first offering is MapHook, a location-based journal and social networking application for mobile and desktop users. For more information, please visit



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