MapHook App Used to Raise Awareness of Sumatran Tiger Habitat

World Wildlife Fund using MapHook to promote Tiger or Toilet Paper Project

Dulles, VA (March 28, 2012) -- MapHook, the location-based journal application, is helping the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) bring attention to the deforestation and ruin of the Sumatran tiger's habitat. Unsustainable clearing of Sumatra's tropical rain forests for the ultimate purpose of producing paper products is having a devastating effect on the critically endangered tiger and on other animals such as elephants, rhinos, and orangutans.

WWF is asking supporters to identify places that carry or sell paper products made from Sumatran rain forest timber, and then note the location and take pictures using MapHook. Supporters can post a "hook" with their photos on This site also has information about the paper campaign along with details on how to get started.

Supporters are encouraged to identify as many locations as possible. Supporters may also continue to use MapHook for their own social networking purposes such as sharing photos, videos and journaling in curated categories of interest, as well as viewing other location based content from MapHook partners, including Groupon, Wikipedia and Yelp.

Social network applications like ours have a built-in ability to support important global outreach projects like this,? said Dr. Paul Carter, MapHook CEO. ?This is a powerful illustration of how organizations can use MapHook to interact with the public in a new and effective way. WWF makes a great partner for us because of their broad appeal, their desire to reach out to the masses and our ability to provide the means. We like that they?re trying to make a difference in places and communities around the world.

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