(e)merge launches "The Mapping Project: Visualizing the World of Emerging Art"

Washington, DC -- In its third year, the (e)merge art fair is pleased to announce The Mapping Project, created in collaboration with the location-based journalling application, MapHook.

(e)merge is excited to broaden its social network and encourage international participation in the fair by creating a virtual nexus, The Mapping Project. This data visualization system, powered by MapHook's geo-location technology, assists in the discovery of emerging art by allowing users to view other participant's "hooks," pinned to their locations on a world map. In addition to location information, hooks share the participant's name or the name of a gallery or institution; users can search from the hook's content, discovering art that they otherwise might never have seen.

An underlying tenet of the (e)merge art fair is its dedication to emerging art. While (e)merge is headquartered in Washington, DC, the art fair recognizes that important emerging art is everywhere. Not every emerging artist, art professional, or collector can travel to the fair, but The Mapping Project provides a way for interested parties to stay connected to what?s happening at (e)merge and the larger international community of emerging art.

By synchronizing the worlds of art and technology, (e)merge will assist in elevating the profile of emerging art on a global level. (e)merge believes that The Mapping Project will reinforce the international spirit of the emerging art community, showing users that they are working in good company, sometimes side-by-side and sometimes an ocean away.

Directions for participation: Go to the (e)merge website tab and click on The Map. On this page is a registration form where you can join and provide your name, location and image. Once the form is completed, a pin is dropped on The Map with your name and your relationship to emerging art, be you an artist, curator, gallery, collector, or supporter. Scroll around the map to find emerging art all over the world. Visit often to view new works and new places where (e)merging art lives.

About MapHook

MapHook is a location-based journal and social networking application for mobile and desktop users. MapHook was created by MapHook, Inc. a software applications development firm based in Dulles, VA and is led by President & CEO Dr. Paul Carter and Vice President Matt Link. For more information, please visit www.maphook.com.

About (e)merge

The (e)merge art fair connects emerging art professionals from around the globe with collectors, curators and cultural decision makers in Washington, DC. Founded by long time art world innovators Leigh Conner and Jamie Smith of Washington, DC gallery CONNERSMITH, (e)merge has succeeded in introducing an authentic art experience to a new generation of art consumers in the capital region.

Media Contact

Leigh Conner | leigh@emergeartfair.com

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