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Below are some helpful links explaining how to use MapHook's features! If you can't find the answer to your question below or if you are experiencing technical issues with the MapHook mobile application or website, please contact our support team at, and we'll answer your questions as soon as possible.

Creating Hook

You can create a new Hook on MapHook as soon as you log in! Locate the "New Hook"link as shown below: NEW HOOK

Once you click the link, you will be taken to a page similar to the following: NEW HOOK - EDIT HOOK

From this page, you can do all of the following:

  1. Give your Hook a title in the box that says "Entry created on [date]."
  2. Select a Category and Sub Category (if applicable) that best describes your Hook.
  3. Fill out the Details section with any commentary or details that you would like to add.
  4. Add Photos by clicking the "Add" button and uploading photos from your computer!
  5. You can add a website URL and attach an applicable YouTube video if desired.
  6. You can also adjust your Sharing settings to allow or not allow comments and/or to share the Hook with the public or with a specific Group.
  7. If desired, you can attach related Yelp reviews and/or Wikipedia articles by pressing the "Edit" buttons and searching for your desired articles.

When you are done, press the SAVE BUTTON button to save and publish your Hook or to save as a draft for later!

Categories and Sub-Categories

When you create a new hook, you can select a Category and, when applicable, a Sub-Category that best describes your hook! This helps you catalog your hooks making it easier to recall and view later. And if your hook is for public viewing, other users can search for specific types of hooks that interest them. You can also add ratings and details about your experience based on the Category and Sub-Category that you choose.

You can select the appropriate Category from your Hook using the drop-down menu as shown below:


Categories range from places that you might visit when going-out, family-related locations and events, sport events of all levels, and also some specific hooks related to our partnerships with other organizations (e.g., WWF and ThinkGeek).

Some Categories, such as "Going Out," will also include a Sub-Category as shown below.


The Category "Going Out," for example, has Sub-Categories like Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Conventions & Shows, and more! The type of Category and Sub-Category you select will enable you to add more details about your experience at this location.

For example, if you select "Restaurants" as a Sub-Category, you can add more details about your experience as shown below:


The ratings and details that you provide will be included in your hook so you can remember your experience; and if your hook is for public viewing then others can review and get the scoop!

Searching for hooks

To search for hooks on MapHook, you must first navigate to the hooks listing by pressing the SEARCH icon.

Locate the Search button on the hooks listing page as shown below:


Press the Search button to access your Search options.


You can search for hooks by title, author, category, distance from the current center of the map, or location.

If you would like to search by location, click on the drop-down menu:


You can now do any of the following:

  1. Enter an address for which to search
  2. Search near a Wikipedia point of interest
  3. Do a Google Maps Search for a location name recognized by Google Mapss
  4. Search for the most recent hooks created near your current location

Press the "Search Now" button to perform your search.

Yelp, Wikipedia, and Groupon pins

Did you know that MapHook displays more than just user-created hooks?

You can also view pins related to Yelp reviews, Wikipedia articles, and current Groupon deals on MapHook's map!

You can decide which pins you would like to view on the map by checking and uncheckingthe boxes for each type as shown below:

Yelp Wikipedia and Groupon pins

Commenting on a Hook

To comment on a hook, click and open the hook on which you would like to comment.

Locate the comment section (highlighted in red below).

Commenting on a Hook

If the author of the hook has allowed comments to be made, a box saying "Enter your comment. Everyone will see this!" will appear in the Comments section.

Enter your comment in the box and press "Save" to publish your comment.

Comments appear with a time and date stamp in the Comments section. Also the author of the hook will receive an email and/or a notification in their MapHook website message box.

Creating a Story

The MapHook Story feature lets you combine hooks together to tell a story.

You can find the Stories that you have created by pressing the Stories Icon icon.

To create a new Story, locate and press the "New Story" link (highlighted in red below):

Creating a Story A page similar to the following will open:

Creating a Story 2

Give your Story a title and, if desired, provide a descriptive intro explaining what your Story is about.

You can use just your own hooks in your Story, or you can choose from all hooks made by everyone who has allowed for their hooks to be included in other's Stories.

To add hooks to your Story, simply press the Green Plus next to the hook that you would like to add. Your hooks will appear in the Story list in the order in which you add them to the Story.

You can change the order of the hooks in your Story by pressing one of the up or down arrows to move the hook up or down in the list:

If you need to remove a hook from your Story, press the next to the hook that you would like to remove.

Once you are finished with your Story, press the button to save your completed Story.

Creating a Story 3

Your completed Story will display the details of each of its included hooks in list format with a map at the top showing each hook numbered in the order in which it appears in the list.

You can share your Story via email by pressing the button and entering the email addresses to which you would like your story sent.

You can also push your Story to your Twitter account by pressing the button. (Click here to learn more about attaching your Twitter account to your MapHook.)

You can push your Story to your Facebook account by pressing the button. (Click here to learn more about attaching your Facebook account to your MapHook.)

Managing Your Groups

MapHook Groups let you share hooks with specific groups of friends! To manage your Groups, click on the icon. This will take you to the following page:

On the left, you will see a list of those Groups to which you already belong.

On the right, you will see a list of Groups that are visable to the public. You can join any Group that allows open membership!

Creating a Group

To create a new Group, press the "Create" link as shown in red below:

The following box will appear:

Select "Interactive Group" in the "Type" section.

Give your Group a Title and Description. Decide if you would like your Group to be visible to the public with anyone allowed to join, visible to the public with your approval required for new members, or hidden and invite-only.

Decide if you would like to allow all members to publish hooks to the Group or if only you can publish hooks to your Group.

When you are done, hit "Save Group" to make your Group go live!

Create a Contact List

A Contact List is simply a list of people with whom you wish to view a hook that you created (i.e., the hook will be private and only they can view). This can include non MapHook members as well! You can have multiple Contact Lists; for example: Work, Family, Friends. Members of your Contact Lists can only receive what you share with them. If you want to interact and share hooks amongst yourselves then have some fun and create a Group as described in the previous section.

To create a Contact List, press the "Create" link in the "Groups" section of MapHook as shown below:

The following box will appear:

Give your Contact List a title and press "Save Group."

Your Contact List has now been saved and is visable to only you; however, it is still empty.

To add people to your Contact List, press the "New" link as outlined in red below:

Fill in the first name, last name, and email address for your new contact.

Click "Save Contact" to save this entry to your Contact List.

Sharing a Hook with a Group

To publish a hook to a Group, begin by creating a new hook.

Fill out your new hook like you normally would. Then, locate the Sharing section as outlined in red below:

Select "A group" from the "Share With" drop-down menu.

Select the Group with which you would like to share this hook from the "Group" drop-down menu.

Decide whether or not you would like Group members to be notified of this new hook.

Press the button when you are done filling out all of the hook's information.

Your hook has now been shared with your selected Group!

Linking hooks Together

If you have or see a hook that is related to the one you are about to create, you can choose to link your new hook to an existing hook!

To link your hook to an existing hook, open the existing hook and press the icon.

This will launch the typical window for creating a new hook .

You will notice a new section at the bottom of the new hook window showing that this hook you are creating is related to another hook:

After you save and publish your hook, both related hooks will include this "Related hook" section linking to one another.

Privacy and Account Settings

To manage your Account Settings, click on your name - highlighted in red below:

From this page, you can do all of the following:

  1. Manage your personal information
  2. Set your privacy preferences
  3. Upload or remove your profile picture
  4. Include a short bio about yourself
  5. Attach or unattach your MapHook account to your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

When you are finished updating your settings, press the button to save your updates.

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