What is MapHook?

Out and about?

Use MapHook to search for interesting places near you. View other people’s Hooks that they have shared or look at what's trending near you from Yahoo, Twitter and Foursquare. You can also see Wikipedia info about places near you or checkout Yelp reviews of nearby restaurants, shops, etc.

MapHook displays it all! Simply look at the MapHook map and watch the pins magically appear. Or do your own search. It's that easy.

Your Digital Memory

Hooks are like digital memories.

When you create a Hook you can include a picture, add a video, write information about what you're doing, categorize it and have it tagged to a map. You decide what you want to include and who you want to share it with. Hooks are quick and easy to create. And if you don't like what you've put together, you can go back and edit on your mobile phone or on the web site. Got lots of memories - lots of hooks? Combine them into a "Story" and share your amazing "Story" with others. They're your adventures, your places -- all coming to life in your MapHook!

Share Your Hooks!

Got Friends? Share Hooks!

Whether it's an individual, a group or the rest of the world, you decide who you want to share your stuff with, create a bunch of groups! You can even send a Hook by email to a non MapHook member or push your Hooks to Twitter and Facebook. When you see your friend's latest Hook - you can "like it" and leave them a comment! Be social, have fun and create beautiful Hooks!

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